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Stressless Magic Home Office Recliner Chair
Stressless Erik Recliner
Stressless View Recliner with Signature Base
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Stressless Recliners can be customised by choosing model, size, base type, leather or fabric quality, and colour & wood trim colour.


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Stressless Recliners can be customised by choosing model, size, base type, leather or fabric quality and colour & wood trim colour.Click here to view the full collection & customise your recliner.


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You can view the latest catalog at your own leisure by downloading the pdf here.

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MOBILE APP Stressless@Home

No more guessing. See the Stressless Recliner of your dreams live in your living room through the camera lens on your mobile or tablet. The app lets you change material, colour and base just the way you want. Download Stressless@Home App

Stressless Magic Recliner with Classic Base



Stressless Office Chairs can be customised by choosing model, leather or fabric quality and colour & wood trim colour. Click here to view the full collection & customise your office chair.

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Probably the most comfortable recliners in the world!

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Right Size Matters

Optimal comfort is also about correct size. Most of Stressless recliners come in small, medium and large, for you to find your perfect fit.

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Stressless® Plus™ System

Whether you are sitting or lying down, our unique PlusTM System provides optimal comfort and suppport for the lower back and head, in all positions. The lumbar support automatically adjusts as you recline.


You can also choose between an active or rest position for the neck. The sleep funtion is controlled with a simple hand movement to make your comfortable moments even better.

50 Years of Craftmanship

Stressless® BalanceAdapt™

Subtle rocking motions enhance the feeling of total balance. These movements usually make all the difference between a good seat and a fantastic one.


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Stressless® Power Leg™ & Power™

This integrated footrest is a great alternative to a free-standing ottoman. With a slim design - elegantly concealed beneath the seat, it can easily provide superlative support for your legs by extending is ourwards.


With a light pressure under the armrest, Power™ adjusts both the footrest and the back angle. This combination provides superb support and comfort.

Why Stressless® ?

Comfort that lasts!


On the west coast of Norway, in the small community of Sykkylven, lies the company who has created the world’s most comfortable chair for generations - and still does. In 1971, a revolutionary recliner was introduced and set a new standard in comfort and functionality. Stressless® was designed to offer maximum well-being and precious me-time in a busy, modern world.

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Stressless® builds on decades of knowledge and insight to offer uncomperable sitting comfort for future generations. Years of studies in human anatomy and technilogical innovation are converted into beautiful designs by skilled craftsmen, while advanced production robots handle the repetitive, tough tasks with an incradible degree of precision.


Internal mechanism & construction guarantee. We guarantee the internal mechanism of our recliners and reclining sofas for a period of 10 years from the date of initial delivery to the consumer. The 10-year guarantee covers the Plus™-system. The internal metal frame, including the metal springs and gliding system. It does not cover damage to leather or woodwork.

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Guarantee on electrical parts We guarantee all electrical parts and motor on the Power base recliners for a period of 5 years from the date of initial delivery to the consumer. The battery is not included in the 5-year guarantee.


2-year guarantee on Power batteries

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